Sunday, March 1, 2009

good on making love WAKAKAKAK

jadi gini ceritanya kenapa gue buat blog kayak gini wehehehe
awalnya lagi main facebook biasa,terus ya ogut bete lah gara gara komen dikit banget nah ahirnya gue coba coba deh ada yang ngasih kuis kuis gitu gajelas deh pertama kuis kuisnya,yaudah gue coba deh nah pertama ada ceritanya tentang what are hottie you gitu deh nah disitu jawabannye gua jadi naughty girl,terus yang kedua judulnye are you HOT or beautiful gitu dan jawabannya lo tau lah pasti HOT wakakakakka naaah baru deh yang terahir gue coba yang judulnya how good are you at making love?asik abis kan babhabhabhabha nah terus pertannyaan nya gini nih

1.Before you get down to business, what exactly would you say to your partner before it?
Say 'You sure you want to now?'
Say 'This should be good'
Say 'I love you'
Say 'Open ya legs'

2.What exactly would you do to get into the mood?
Tell them you want to do it and then try your best to persuade them.
Get into the mood while doing it.
Ask if you can do it and do it if they say yes.
Slowly kiss parts of your partners body that you know they like.

3.How do you know exactly what your partner likes?
'I know from experience'
'Don't care aslong as he/she cums'
'Ilisten to her every orgasm and determin wether they like it or not'
'just guess and if it works, carry on doing it'

4.What would you call intercourse?
Making love

5.What do you do after intercourse?
Say thanks now go home
Lie next to my partner and cuddle and talk about what we have just done
Finish off and get dressed and say thank you
Lie next to them exhausted and then get dressed

6.Where is your favorite place for intercourse?
Anywhere aslong as i enjoy it
Somewhere safe
In the bedroom
Couch and Floor with blankets on it

7.What do you like more?
Your partner saying fuck me, fuck me
Your partner opening there legs and saying do it hard and fast
Your partner Orgasming in your ear while you do it back
Your partner rubbing there hands up and down your body
nah hasil result dari gue itu adalah GOOD AT MAKING LOVE.
gue juga gatau itu rasanya apa ya liat aje dah entar ye

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